Ela Mihaelea Ionescu

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Name: Mihaela Ionescu - ELA
Date of Birth: 01.09.1974
Place of birth: Bucarest/Romania
Nationality: Romanian

1989 – 1994: Pedagogical High School, Subject: Pedagogy, Qualification: Pedagoge
1993: painted Chrismas cards, which were printed by “Casparie Apeldoorn bv" Deventer-Holland;
1996 – 2001: University of Art Bucarest, Subject: Degree in Fine Arts; Qualification: restorer/Conservative


What does the painting mean for me? The most complex pictorial expression of a color value ratio, it has got the most varied chromatic keyboard – from the brightness to the darkness, to the infinite tones of colors. Why do I paint? I’m loosing and finding myself. I let the brush dance on the canvas for covering and ressurecting the dead materials. The most important for me is exactly then, when I can make the people to be happy in front of one of my work, while they watch being able to understand and receive my message sent by my feelings-expressed and displayed on the canvas. Painting is like music! Createt by Soul and Heart! My best wishes to you! Enjoy my pictures with all senses!